Transformative Art and Music

Transformative  Art & Music Therapy

(Psycho-spiritual healing using sound and creative artwork)

During this therapy the client is taken into a deeply relaxed state. Guided imagery with healing music is used to help access unconscious material which may require healing.

The client is then gently brought back to awareness, and if desired, paints or draws what he/she has experienced.

Transformative Art & Music is not about analysing people’s art work, nor is the finished product important. The therapist acts as facilitator, as it is the client who has the answers. painting_12492553

Through the use of the vibrations of colour and sound, a bridge is formed between the visible world of the physical body, its emotional states and the invisible spiritual realms, thus helping to promote a state of balance, wholeness and connection.

Mary qualified as a consultant in Transformative Art & Music Therapy in 1998 with Suzy Chiazzari of the Holistic Design Institute.

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