“Mary has encouraged and supported me in believing that I can be the very best in my career as an actor. By focusing my mind on my past successful achievements and encouraging me to see a highly successful future I now believe in myself as a skilled and creative artist, and that there are great experiences ahead for me. I am so excited for the future!”                             P. M., Edinburgh



“I have had a lack of self-confidence in myself to varying degrees throughout my life due to bullying when I was growing up. I have been enabled to become the confident person that I was meant to be. Mary has encouraged me to get my needs met and detraumatised the negative experiences from the past, putting them firmly where they belong”.                             S. B., Edinburgh



“Over the past 3 or 4 years, and due to a demanding job and increasing stress, I have found it very difficult to contain my anger in various situations. As I had already seen two  therapists previously I was beginning to feel overwhelmed. However, Mary made such sense by encouraging me to develop a balanced lifestyle, reduce my hours by a third and take time to nurture myself. I have more control over my anger now, and, I generally see the warning signs before it is too late and start doing 7/11 breathing immediately. This is enough to help me gain control and focus again on making sure I get my needs met”.                      Rebecca M., Edinburgh



“For a while I have had difficulty sleeping with mild anxiety throughout the day. Additionally I have not felt as motivated as I used to. My GP offered anti-depressants but I do not feel that this is the answer. I have had to deal with the death of my ex-partner shockingly and suddenly, and prior to this the death of my beloved cats who I adored. Mary helped provide a genuine, caring ear. That, along with the advice about getting out more and visualizing what my next steps were enabled me to get a handle on what was going on and move forward. For my anxiety she encouraged me to breathe deeply for 2 minutes every half hour saying that this would gradually lower my emotional arousal. The anxiety gradually reduced and I feel that my life is on the up as I am out and about meeting new people regularly. Thank you again”.     D. Concannon., Liverpool





“The HG approach is the most exciting development I’ve come across in my 25 years in the NHS and 7 years in the voluntary sector.” DR CHRIS MANNING, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OF PRIMHE

“Rather than spending months and years exploring all the things that have gone wrong in your life, human givens therapists provide you with the tools, insights and support to turn your mood, focus and life around quickly.” DR MARK ATKINSON

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