Stress Therapy

Stress Therapy

Stress Therapy is a specific Mind & Body Maintenance programme which helps us to become more aware of our own mind and body, and its reactions to stress. The mind and body performs daily and throughout life to help keep us in balance mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

However, sometimes the balance can become disturbed whether through physical/emotional trauma, psychological disturbance, stress or other.

Stress Management, through the MBM program (Mind & Body Maintenance program), can help to release psychological/emotional stress, thus promoting a more balanced life approach. During treatment you will be seated in a recliner or lying down on a therapy couch.

The MBM program helps in: Understanding what stress is and how it affects us individually. You will discover: how to relax and how to identify tension areas and release them, how to block and change thought patterns, how to act in certain situations, rather than reacting and, how to understand and deal with panic attacks.

Mary qualified as a Stress Management Consultant in 2000. She is a member of the Association of Stress Therapists, who have associate membership to the BCMA (British Complementary Medical Association).

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