Outcome Measures

                                                 Outcome Measures




As a Human Givens Psychotherapist I work in an outcome-informed way by using measures to determine how successful therapy is. Recognised outcome measures are used to evaluate the effectiveness of therapy.

As a Human Givens Psychotherapist, I wish to continue to improve my service. Before treatment begins, and also at the end of treatment, clients are asked to complete a brief questionnaire. This helps me understand more about your problem. Information from these forms is treated with strict confidentiality in accordance with the Data protection Act 1998.

Outcome measures used

At the beginning of each session we use a CORE outcome measure and a brief four-question measure called the outcome rating scale. This gives us a general overview of how you feel you are doing in various areas of life, and also helps gauge how you are progressing from session to session. We can then pick up when progress does not seem to be forthcoming and, discuss alternative ways forward.

At the end of each session we use another brief 4 question measure called the session rating scale. This ensures that we are working together in a way that is a good fit for our clients. We value our client’s voice and greatly value feedback.

For information on the collated results of therapists working with the Human Givens Approach please visit the Human Givens Institute Practice Research Network www.hgiprn.org


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