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As part of our service, we offer other holistic therapies to help bring your energies back into balance:

Starlight Dawn Imagery. Starlight Dawn Imagery is a new therapy created by Mary Blues. Using magical, themed imagery you are taken on a wonderful, relaxing journey, where the latest up-to-date proven, psychological techniques are utilized. This enables you to focus on problem solving, helping you tap into your own inner resources, develop more life skills and so help you to move forward in your life.

Stress Therapy. You will discover how to relax and how to identify tension areas and release them, how to block and change thought patterns, how to act in certain situations, rather than reacting and, how to understand and deal with panic attacks.
Stress Management can help to release psychological/emotional stress, thus promoting a more balanced life pattern/approach.

Energy healing. Energy is channelled from its universal source to the client through the healer’s hands. Energy healing works by restoring health at all levels of being, and can be given for any illness, stress or  injury, as a therapy which has no side effects, and is complementary to any other therapy.

Reiki. Reiki is the Japanese word for universal life energy, and is an ancient healing art given through the laying on of hands, rediscovered about 100 years ago by Dr Mikao Usui. Reiki has a beneficial effect on mind, body, emotions and spirit, thus helping to rebalance our energies.

Eraden Crystal healing. The Eraden Crystals are used to promote healing which comprise 15 crystals and one grounding stone. These are placed in a circle and the client only has to be within the circle to receive the benefits. Crystals have been used for healing since ancient times by many different cultures and their use is well known historically for healing, personal reflection and meditation. It is recommended to have a full treatment done at least three times

Transformative Art & Music Therapy. During this therapy, the client is taken into a deeply relaxed state. Guided imagery is used to help the client access unconscious material which requires healing. The client is then gently brought back to awareness, and paints or draws what he/she has experienced.
Analysing people’s art work, or the finished product is unimportant. The therapist acts as facilitator, as it is the client who has the answers.
Through the use of the vibrations of colour and sound, a bridge is formed between the visible world of the physical body, its emotional states and the invisible spiritual realms, thus helping to promote a state of balance, wholeness and connection.

Indian Head Massage. The benefits of this wonderful therapy are varied but it has been shown to reduce pain, lessen anxiety, aid relaxation, promote faster healing,  improved digestion, increased blood flow (oxygenation), and better waste removal (lymph flow). Indian Head Massage is used to help ease tightness in the scalp and upper body and thus balance body energies. It is is part of Ayurvedic tradition, (an ancient Indian Medical System, around 4,000 years old).

The Starlight Success Weight Loss System. The Starlight Success Weight Loss System created by Mary Blues is an integrated program of weight loss using psychotherapy, supplements and exercise.  It can be utilized as a self-help program or as an adjunct to one-to-one therapy for weight loss.

Pamper parties. My services also include pamper parties. Throwing a *pamper party for birthdays, engagements, or pre-wedding celebration can be a great way to chill out, relax and have a great evening. Typically a pamper party will last 4 hours but depends on number of guests. There is a minimum booking of 8 guests. All equipment related to therapies is provided. All you have to do is provide food or snacks.

Corporate. Rainbow Relaxation Therapies also offer corporate packages  to companies with hands-on therapies (half day):

* Indian Head Massage

* Reiki healing

* Energy Healing

* Aromatherapy

Half day presentations are as follows:

* Conflict and Anger Management within the Workplace

* Creating a life that is balanced, fulfilling and joyful


To find out more call me on 0131 531 4523, Mobile: 07828173569, or use the form on the Contact us page. Alternatively, you can e-mail me at rainbowrelaxation@icloud.com or borntosing@sky.com




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