Stories are all around us and are part of the way in which we understand our environment and experience. Authentic storytelling happens when stories are told from the imagination  person to person. All successful psychotherapy and counselling involves or includes storytelling and  the appropriate use of metaphor, tapping into the natural way our brains work.

This can help a person’s unconscious, creative imagination to seek and find  ‘meaning’ relevant to their situation.

Storytelling is an ancient art and no explanation nor direct statement of a story’s meaning can substitute for the way it acts on the hearer’s mind.

Stories can be incredibly powerful therapeutic tools, and can be incredibly valuable for focusing and using the imagination.

Stories can help bypass rigid views about life, enhancing the listener’s flexibility of thought, and by suspending ordinary constraints, they help people reclaim optimism whilst fueling their imaginations with the energy necessary to attain goals.

In the physically ill, stories can also stimulate the immune system and speed recovery.

People of different ages, backgrounds, and cultures can communicate through storytelling, and the art is also a valuable tool in education, language development and in building racial equality.

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