Eraden Crystal Healing

Eraden Crystal Healing

Eraden crystals

The Eraden stones comprise 15 crystals and one grounding stone. These are placed in a circle and the individual only has to be within the circle to receive the benefits. The energy source is activated as soon as the individual is within the Eraden stones. The crystals help lift any negative or ‘depressive’ energies as such energies can interfere by preventing us from moving on in life. Secure within the circle, they may help you to heal yourself and thereby achieve inner peace and happiness. Two techniques are used and you remain fully clothed and seated throughout.

Crystals have been used for healing since ancient times by many different cultures and their use is well known historically for healing, personal reflection and meditation. Eraden crystals have been infused with Eraden energy and the personal sets are multidimensional soul elements.

crystalball2_19792816The human body responds well to working with crystal energy where it can be absorbed, focused and directed. Often when the body is unwell or disease is present it is due to loss of natural/balance rhythm. Crystalline energy helps the body restore its natural rhythm.


It is recommended to have a full treatment done at least three times. Full treatment includes first technique taking 15-20 mins and the second 40 mins.

Mary trained in Eraden Crystal Healing with Sarah Hope-Brown, who is the founder of Eraden Crystal Healing.


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