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jumpinghappyman1261839 Depression is a strong emotion that clouds your thinking depleting your energy. It also locks your attention on all the bad things that seem to be happening to you whether they are real or imaginary. The continuous regurgitation of negative or worrying thoughts can affect and disrupt our sleep pattern by causing us to dream excessively at night. This therefore affects the balance between restful and restorative slow-wave sleep and REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, leading us to dream excessively and so wake up exhausted. Motivation levels are affected and when this happens life can quickly come to seem meaningless.


The first step in treating depression would be to lower your emotional arousal using various techniques. We would then spend time identifying which needs are not being met or which resources are being misused, as people do not have mental health issues when their emotional needs are being met, and in balance. It is possible that a trauma could be related to your experience of depression, and if this is the case, this can be resolved using the Fast Trauma and Phobia Cure.

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