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workplaceanger49103272What is Anger? Anger is an aroused state in which the mind’s attention is focused on a potential threat and the body responds by getting ready to run or fight. Adrenaline and other stress hormones run round the body, heart rate and blood pressure rise, breathing gets deeper and faster, blood is diverted from the organs to the muscles, and the whole organism gets ready for action. At the same time, thinking becomes more primitive and modern intelligence, a significant part of what makes us human, disappears. It is a primal, energised state, similar in many ways to sexual arousal, so it can be quite addictive.


What can be done? The first step is to find out what is causing the angry behaviour. Anger doesn’t just happen, it is a response to something in the environment. So, what is triggering it? Is it related to previous traumatic events that need to be de-traumatised? If this is the case I can help you to de-traumatize the memories using guided imagery. This will put you in the driving seat should any further angry outbursts occur, as it will teach you how to manage your emotional states once they begin, and rehearse being calm should such situations occur in the future.



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